Vaccines needed for Thailand

Vaccinations for Thailand

Most travellers on a short-term (2-week) resort holiday to Thailand will receive two vaccination shots at least two weeks before travel.

One shot covers Tetanus/Diphtheria.

The other shot covers Hepatitis A/typhoid.

Additional vaccinations to cover Hepatitis B and Rabies should be considered by travellers planning to:

  • Travel to neighbouring countries (Laos, Cambodia)
  • Travel 'off the beaten track'
  • Undertake voluntary work (orphanages, hospices).

Ideally, Rabies vaccine should be commenced 3 or more weeks pre-travel. Hep B vaccine should be commenced at least 3 and ideally at least 5 weeks pre-travel.

Japanese Encephalitis (JE) vaccine is used infrequently. The disease represents a very small risk for the majority of travellers (probably in the region of 1:400,000 trips). The JE virus is one that is transmitted by one type of mosquito. This mosquito bites pigs and birds and passes the JE vaccine between the pigs and birds. Humans are infected accidentally. In practice, this means that in order to be at significant risk of JE, one needs to be near large collections of pigs for prolonged periods of time (e.g. living in a village for several months). JE vaccine should be commenced at least 4 weeks pre-travel.

Minimising the risk of Dengue Fever through mosquito bite avoidance is very important in South-East Asia.

Hospital support to unwell travellers in Thailand is good, particularly in Bangkok.

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