Coronavirus PCR Swab Test

Am I free of Covid-19 currently?

Covid-19 PCR Swab Test

  • By appointment only
  • Short clinic visit (around 20 minutes in total)
  • Less expensive costs are associated with Monday to Thursday (inclusive) appointments
  • You will be asked to fill out a short patient record card (your contact details and basic medical information)
  • One of our medical staff will see you. To obtain the necessary test sample, an extra-long cotton bud will be first rubbed against the sides of your throat and then inserted for a few moments high up in each nostril.
  • You must meet the criteria laid out below and be prepared to accept all the following terms and conditions before booking in for this test.

Criteria – you must:

  • not be currently unwell
  • not have Covid-19 currently
  • not suspect you might have Covid-19 currently or in the past 14 days
  • not have been in contact with a case of Covid-19 in the past 14 days
  • be compliant with HSE rules for travellers who have returned to Ireland in the past 14 days. If you have entered Ireland in the past 14 days, do NOT come to see us unless you have come from a country which is on the Irish Government's current 'Green List'

Terms & Conditions


We have a long track record in delivering urgent test results on time, where necessary out-of-hours, particularly in the field of visa medical examinations. However, Covid-19 PCR swab testing presents an unprecedented challenge for clinics, due to the speed with which results need to be obtained, the not-insignificant chance of positive results with attendant Public Health regulations applying immediately and the fact that some patients will book flights at short notice only on receipt of their results.

Our aim is to deliver for you that which you want to receive (a negative swab result/'no evidence of Covid-19') within the timeframe we have predicted. You need to understand however that the nature of the disease, the strengths and weakness of the testing technology involved and human factors may intervene to lead to a non-negative result or a delayed result.

It is not guaranteed that:

  1. you will test negative (around one-third of Covid-19 cases have no symptoms, so it is possible for a well person to test 'positive' for the virus)
  2. the laboratory will be happy that the sample they receive from us is adequate and
  3. the test result returns in a timeframe with which you are happy.
  1. You understand that recovered cases of Covid-19 can test positive by PCR swab testing, in exceptional cases, up to 42 days later.
  2. If you test positive or 'weakly positive' or any other 'non-negative' category for Covid-19, we are obliged (by law) to immediately telephone the HSE's Department of Public Health in Dublin to notify them of your name and contact details. They might then quarantine you and possibly your contacts. The testing laboratory might also contact the HSE independently of us and pass your details to the HSE.
  3. Your planned upcoming trip may be delayed or stopped by any of the following factors, none of which are within our control and none of which you will hold us, nor the laboratories nor courier companies which we use, liable for, financially or otherwise:
    1. The laboratory to which we send your swab might say that they have received an insufficient sample with which they can issue a test result, even though we contend that we have submitted a sufficient sample
    2. The laboratory might issue an 'indeterminate' result (neither clearly negative nor positive)
    3. You might test positive for Covid-19 (even if subsequently transpires on subsequent serologic (blood) testing that it was a 'false positive')
    4. There is a problem with the courier service that we are using to transport your sample to the lab for processing
    5. There is a delay in the issuing of your test result by the laboratory because:
      1. The sample is mislaid by them
      2. The sample is misprocessed by them
      3. A surge in Covid cases in either Ireland, the U.K. or France, leading to the laboratories we use de-prioritising the processing of samples from our clinic, with resulting delays in the issuing of test results
      4. There is an I.T. failure at lab level
  4. If you are having this test done for immigration reasons, the country to which you travel might choose to decline to accept the result with which we supply you, even though we have presented your results in a manner which we are certain are clear and which we feel should be accepted by all authorities.
  5. You accept that our Covid-19 swab testing service with its associated desired outcomes (fully processed test results e-mailed to you by us on time) is being provided by us in good faith. You accept that a failure in the process which we judge to be beyond our control will lead to no refund to you by us of any fees already paid by you to us and no claim of liability by you over us for any expenses (including flights or accommodation).
  6. If you are booking this appointment not for yourself but for a third party, you understand that we recommend you get that third party to book the appointment themselves and if you proceed regardless with the booking, you accept that by booking this appointment, you are binding that third party to accept our criteria and our terms & conditions laid out here.

To book an appointment

Once you have read and understood the terms and conditions above, click here to book an appointment online.

Further Coronavirus Information

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